Hindu/Gujarati Weddings
We have a range of Mandap’s to choose from intricately hand carved wooden Mandaps, Fibre Mandaps to our exquisite draped Mandaps.
Each of our Mandaps come complete with all the furniture you need as well as a carpeted aisleway with matching pedestals and Ganesh Murti’s. We have a range of additional options to customise the Mandap, adding your special touch to make it your own.
English/Civil Weddings
The Civil Ceremony is often an intimate, small affair, what better way to make it that much more meaningful and special by having an exquisite setup consisting of the aisleway, Ceremonial table, backdrop, chairs, and anything else you choose to add. We have a range of different styles available to choose from to make big moment truly yours.
An English Wedding is one symbol of the love you share with your partner. We can provide additional décor to add to the already amazing Church you have chosen. We specialise in bespoke floral décor using either real flowers or our high-quality silk flowers. If you have opted to get married outside of a church, let us create the perfect setting! Through our creative eyes we will be sure to leave you and your guests in awe.
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