We know how Asians like to party and the intricacies of the different events for an Asian wedding. Red Bow has built up a wealth of experience on how to conduct these and what’s needed. Here’s just a couple examples for you to get a feel.
The perfect intimate setting to host your Mehndi, lavish comfortable surroundings to cushions and even a swing, we’ve got you covered. Let us get everything sorted for you.
A range of styles are available, some with themes like our popular Moroccan theme consisting of a colourful backdrop, beds, colourful mattresses and cushions finished off with little tables, lamps and umbrellas all lit up with our LED lighting.
Kurmai (Punjabi) Ceremony
The Kurmai Ceremony is auspicious and symbolises that the couple are now engaged and recognised publicly as Fiancés. It also symbolises the union and acceptance of the families. The Kurmai Ceremony can be hosted at the Gurdwara, at the Grooms house, or at a different venue of choice and can be combined with the Chunni Ceremony.
Let us arrange it for you! We can arrange the paath (Prayers), create the elegant environment, the Karahi (food) and the garlands all to your personal vision and style. 
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